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Jamaica Destination Wedding Welcome Bags: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Jan 24

Welcome bags have become a popular trend in weddings, offering a warm and personalized greeting to guests upon their arrival.

If you're planning a wedding in Jamaica, what better way to celebrate the destination than by curating Jamaican Welcome Bags?

In this blog post, we'll answer frequently asked questions about wedding welcome bags, provide insights on cost, distribution and clarify whether each person or room receives a welcome bag.

What is a welcome bag at a wedding?

Bulrap welcome bag with white ribbon and welcome to jamaica gift tag

A welcome bag is a thoughtful gift given to wedding guests as they check into their accommodations.

It serves as a gesture of appreciation, making guests feel valued and excited about their stay. Welcome bags typically include a selection of curated items that reflect the wedding theme or destination.

They can be personalized to showcase the couple's style and provide a taste of the local culture.

Image with text Welcome Your Guests with Authentic Jamaican Bags and Favors!

How much should a Jamaica welcome bag cost?

Creating an unforgettable experience doesn't have to break the bank. When it comes to welcome bags, consider a budget of around $15 to $80 per bag.

Remember, that this is just a starting point and the final cost can vary based on your guest count, the selection of items, and any special customizations.

Jamaican welcome bag

How do you distribute welcome bags?

Distributing welcome bags can be done in various ways. Here are a few popular methods:

  1. Hotel Check-In: Coordinate with the hotel where your guests will be staying and arrange for the bags to be handed out during the check-in process. This ensures a convenient and seamless distribution.

  2. Wedding Welcome Party: If you're hosting a welcome party, it's an excellent opportunity to distribute the bags personally. This allows you to greet your guests, express your gratitude and set the tone for the wedding festivities.

  3. Wedding Venue: If your wedding ceremony and reception take place at the same venue, you can place the welcome bags in a designated area, such as a welcome table or a dedicated station, for guests to pick up upon arrival.

Does each person get a welcome bag for the wedding?

Wedding welcome bags are typically per room. This means that if multiple guests are sharing a room, they will receive a single welcome bag.

However, if you have the resources and wish to offer additional welcome bags to individuals, it can be a delightful gesture.

Welcome Bags are an excellent way to extend a warm greeting to your wedding guests. By curating personalized gifts that showcase the essence of Jamaica, you can create an unforgettable experience. Remember to consider the cost, distribution methods, and whether you'll provide welcome bags per room or per person.

brown jamaican welcome bag with green ribbon and gift tag

Ready to curate the perfect wedding welcome bags for your special day?

We specialize in curating unique and personalized wedding welcome bags that reflect the essence of Jamaica.

From customized Jamaican rum labels to mouthwatering rum cakes, we have a wide selection of items that will delight your guests.

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