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5 Tips for planning a Jamaican destination wedding

Updated: Jul 5

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Planning a Jamaican destination wedding? Whether you're newly engaged or well into your engagement, this blog post is here to help.

From start to finish, this destination wedding survival guide will ensure that both you and your partner not only survive, but thrive during the planning process!

Ok, so let’s dive into these five destination wedding essentials!

1. Get started right away.

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In today's post-COVID world, wedding dates and venues are filling up quicker than ever. Couples are eager to tie the knot in their dream location and make up for lost time during the pandemic. Don't wait, start exploring resort wedding options and secure your date ASAP.

2. It's OK if you don't know it all.

There's a common misconception that you need to know everything about planning a destination wedding before starting, but that's not the case!

You don't have to have everything figured out to begin. To get started, focus on creating two lists: potential wedding destinations and potential resort venues to host both your wedding and guests.

3. Take a pre-wedding planning trip.

Did you know that you can test out your destination wedding before making a commitment?

After choosing a location, it's time to select a wedding venue and resort for your ceremony and guests.

One of the best ways to make this decision is by visiting the options in person. Many resorts offer special packages for wedding visits in hopes of securing your destination wedding.

4.Create a new email just for wedding related conversions.

Organization is key to a successful destination wedding. To simplify the process, I recommend creating a dedicated email for all wedding and honeymoon related communication.

This way, all your correspondence and information will be in one place, saving you time and potentially money.

Avoid the headache of missing important confirmation emails mixed in with other personal and non-related emails.

5.Streamline the planning process with a destination wedding specialist.

To make the destination wedding planning process less stressful and ensure that everything is planned correctly, consider working with a destination wedding travel agent.

These pros have extensive experience in setting up wedding groups, negotiating contracts, and managing logistics.

They also know the ins and outs of destination weddings and can make sure you receive all the available amenities and perks that the resort has to offer.

By working with a pro, you can avoid missing out on important details that might not be shared unless you ask.

We hope you found our guide useful. Planning a destination wedding can seem daunting, but know that you can make it happen, either on your own or with the help of a professional.

To take the stress off of your shoulders, consider scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with us.

Our team would be honored to assist in making your dream wedding a reality. Simply follow this link to chat with us.

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